Classroom Interactions: from post-grad to middle school

My career changed direction a bit in the last year. I went from training post-grad English teachers in Korea to teaching middle school in Vietnam. Having little experience in the middle school classroom, I worried that the methodology I had spent eight years with would leave me useless in a class full of 12 and 13 year-olds.

Fortunately, I found that the methodology, which formed the foundation of my development as a teacher and the program I spent eight years in, required little modification to be effective in the middle school setting.

Here is a clip of me introducing a literature circle assignment to an 8th grade class. I’ve annotated the clip to show the thought processes related to classroom interaction that go on while I’m teaching. I welcome all feedback, both positive and negative.

5 thoughts on “Classroom Interactions: from post-grad to middle school

    1. Not sure Linn. I give them credit in ppts and handouts. Don’t think it’s necessary to watermark a video, though. What do you do?

  1. I am a student at the SMU TESOL of Fall 2014. While we are learning new methods from the course, I have various thoughts in my mind such as how to implement various CIs to the quiet Korean Students’ class to make it more dynamic~ My question will go on but your post help me to be more brave for changing ~
    Jinnie Han from Seoul, Korea

    1. Hi Jinnie, thanks for the message. It will take 20 weeks, plus a few more for you to answer your question. Don’t worry though, you will find the answer. I’m glad my post helped;)

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