Tips on teaching informational texts:

  1. Intro to Informational Texts 
  2. Best ever literacy tips for teaching informational text structure
  3. Teaching Informational texts using reciprocal reading strategies – very long, but full of great stuff.
  4. The Ultimate Teacher’s Guide – again, long but full of good info and ideas
  5. The power of non-fiction +video


Sites I frequent frequently:

  1. Corpus of Contemporary American English
  2.  UIOWA – The sounds of spoken language
  4. Reading A-Z
  5. Read Write Think
  6. Socrative – the coolest classroom tool.

Youtube Playlists/Videos:

1. Alex singing twinkle-twinkle little star (he was about 30 months old in this video). 

2. Me and Alex reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


3. Here is a collection of presentations from The New School

4. A small collection of youtube videos related to how children acquire their first language.

5. Here are 100 Neil Young videos… just in case my Dad stops by.


2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Dear Rago.

    Hello, I’m SUA who took your course at SMU in 2010. I’m not sure whether you remember me or not, but I’m so happy to see you again through your blog. I’m so impessed by your vision and am interested in your topic. ^^ Congratulatios on you opening such a great website! Good luck to your dissertaion and teaching!


    1. Hello Sua! Thanks for visiting the site. Yes, I remember you. You were in GC, right? It looks like you chose Texas A & M – how is everything there? What have you learned? What questions have you answered? I hope everything is going well for you and your husband. Keep in touch!


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